Biofrid ® Organic Essential Oils
Bay Leaf   10ml
Bergamot   10ml
Cajeput   10ml
Carnation   10ml
Cedar   10ml
Cinnamon   10ml
Citrus (lemon)   10ml
Eucalyptus   10ml
Lavender   10ml
Majoram   10ml
Mandarin (red)   10ml
Niaouli   10ml
Palmarosa   10ml
Peppermint   10ml
Rose geranium   10ml
Rosemary   10ml
Tea tree   10ml
Thyme   10ml

Biofrid ® Essential Oils
Tea tree   10ml
Tea tree   50ml
Jojoba Oil   50ml

Helios Homoeopathy Ltd is the sole agent for Sanum-Kehbeck in the UK
All products can be supplied to Doctors, Dentists and Veterinary surgeons.
All products, except ampoules, can be supplied Registered healthcare practitioners.
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