Sanum Therapy

A Comprehensive Guide to Sanum Therapy (according to Professor Enderlein)

Author: Günter Weigel

Biological Medicine – The Future of Natural Healing

Author: Thomas Rau M.D

Sanum Therapy in the Practice

Author: Harald Krebs

The Four Steps of Isopathic Therapy

Author: Konrad Werthman M.D

Successful treatments of allergies and chronic disorders

Author: Konrad Werthman M.D

Darkfield microscopy

Introduction into Darkfield Diagnostics

Author: Cornelia Schwerdle / Franz Arnoul

Unappreciated Friend or Unsuspected Foe

Author: Dr Maria-M Bleker

Bacteria Cyclogeny

Author: Professor Dr. Günther Enderlein


Blood examination in Darkfield – DVD PAL

Author: Dr Maria-M Bleker

Introduction to Sanum therapy – Part 1 and 2 DVD

Author: Dr. Anita Kracke

Unappreciated Friend or Unsuspected Foe? – Seminar CD for book

Author: Dr Maria-M Bleker