Sanum Therapy

Pioneering immunobiological and isopathic preparations based on decades
of microbial research and clinical experience worldwide.

Sanum is a family run business. The new generation is making innovative changes under the leadership of Jennifer and Ulrich Kehlbeck and their dynamic team. They are proud to announce the relaunch of the SANUM-Kehlbeck brand and website which has a fresh new look, is clearer and more informative. They have also simplified their individual therapy plans.

They have integrated 50 years of tradition, experience and unique knowledge of SANUM-Therapy with modern scientific knowledge. To see their new website with its ‘tradition in a modern light’, extended functions and more information in English please visit:

See Jennifer describing their vision in this recent promotional video HERE

Fungal isopathic remedies
Potentised bacterial remedies
Potentised hapten remedies
Alkalising and Metabolic products
Nutritional supplements and potentised mineral remedies
Homeopathic, herbal and organ remedies
Diagnostic products
Veterinary remedies
Skin care and organic essential oils