Educational events on Sanum therapy in English

In the UK

Sanum has regular webinars in English:

The webinars are free of charge.
The participants register themselves via a link which is provided approximately one week before the respective webinar.

If you would like to stay informed of the next seminars, webinars and study groups please contact us.

In Switzerland

Introductory and advanced training in biological medicine which includes the applications of the Sanum remedies

There are 2 intensive practical DARKFIELD and SANUM Seminars in English in our clinic in Switzerland:

Seminar 1:  March 30th-April 1st
Seminar 2:  July 6th – July 8th 2023
For information about the clinic:
For information on seminars:
In these seminars, but also in my seminar series Dr.Rau’s Biological Medicine we teach all around Milieutherapy, Isopathy, SANUM remedies and Enderlein’s theories. 

In the USA

Educational events on Sanum therapy in German

There are trainings that take place throughout Germany which are listed in each issue of SANUM Post.         

Please email us if you would like to receive a copy in the post.